You know what cellulite looks like; it’s dimpled, uneven skin that appears on your thighs and other parts of your body. Cellulite affects the vast majority of women, usually after puberty. Many believe cellulite to be a fat problem that can be eliminated through diet and exercise. While you can lessen the appearance of cellulite by losing weight, you can’t get rid of it completely.

Cellulite is actually a structural issue below the skin, and there are 3 main factors that enhance its appearance:


First, thinner skin makes the appearance of cellulite worse. Second, you may have enlarged pockets of fat trapped by the rigid bands that push up against skin. Third, the connective tissue bands beneath your skin surrounding fat cells can become tight and inflexible.

Other factors associated with cellulite are aging, heredity, hormones, weight and gender differences in skin architecture. That’s why any effective cellulite treatment has to address more than fat and the surface of skin. Cellulaze is the first cellulite treatment that attacks the structure of cellulite for longer-lasting results.