2013 Cellulaze News & Events

Cellulite all over the world

Ladies all over the world have an unfortunate and disgusting problem to deal with - cellulite. Although it creeps up on over 85 percent of women, these pesky problem spots can be embarrassing and unsightly, leaving many to ask, "Why me?"Though... (Read story)

Could my birth control be responsible for my cellulite?

Even though 85 percent of women fall victim to that cottage-cheese appearance on their backside, hips and thighs, everyone wants to know why she has to suffer with it - because by knowing what's causing it, perhaps she can fix it.The exact cause is... (Read story)

Even the hottest celebrity bodies are dimpled with cellulite

Don't get down thinking that you're the only one suffering with those dreaded dimples. First of all, you aren't! Over 85 percent of women notice that cottage cheese appearance somewhere on their bodies - particularly on the hips, thighs and... (Read story)

What your favorite reality stars have to say about their dreaded dimples

Most women develop cellulite at some point in their lives. You might think your favorite Hollywood darlings have it easy, and in a lot of ways you may be right. However, not only do they also suffer from this pesky problem, they have to bare their bumps... (Read story)

Cellulite quotes from the stars of 'The Hills'

If you're like many women, you envy thin, young Hollywood starlets for their fit physiques and perfect skin. The stars from MTV's "The Hills" always seem so tan and toned in their barely-there bikinis and teeny-tiny dresses. These girls... (Read story)