2013 Cellulaze News & Events

Tips for the perfect lunge

Lunges are one of the best exercises to tighten your glutes and thighs, as well as reduce the appearance of cellulite. If you're looking to make your legs more fit and fabulous, then lunges should be a part of your regular fitness routine. 


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Actress Malin Akerman delivers her post-baby weight-loss tips

How does actress Malin Akerman stay fit in her new role as a working mom? The "Trophy Wife" star revealed in a Q&A with Shape magazine that losing her post-baby weight and cellulite was not an easy task. 

"It's really

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Could interval training be a form of cellulite removal?

A recent study from Bowling Green State University found that interval training, a form of exercise where you essentially alternate sprinting with walking or jogging, is especially beneficial for women. But could it be a way to engage in ... (Read story)

Tricky ways to curb your appetite

Chowing down on potato chips definitely doesn't help with cellulite removal, but what else are you supposed to do? There's only so much fruit in your fridge and, let's face it, you're bored. All you want to do is lie on your couch and

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How does Kendall Jenner stay in shape?

Kendall Jenner, of Kardashian fame, is on the fast track to becoming a supermodel. The 17-year-old is taller than her siblings and naturally thin. But does she do anything else to stay active?

In an interview with Celebuzz, Kendall attributes

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