How can I get rid of cellulite

Chances are, if you're a woman, you've likely asked yourself, your mother, your friends and your doctor all one simple question at one point or another – "how can I get rid of cellulite?" Erasing the dreaded orange peel effect from your body is something that most ladies can agree is one of their top priorities in terms of having a better body and more confidence. This is because experts state that approximately 85 percent of women have cellulite.

The problem is, erasing cellulite isn't as easy as getting rid of acne, you can't just apply special cream each night before bed, and you can't simply do a ton of crunches like you would do get rid of stomach fat. No, cellulite is much trickier.

The good news is there are a few things you can do that may decrease cellulite. For instance, eating a healthy diet can play an important role in your skin's elasticity and ability to stay firm. Likewise, massaging your trouble spots can stimulate circulation and help tighten skin. However, if you're looking for longer-lasting results, you might want to consider a cellulite laser treatment.

Cellulaze is a unique cellulite treatment that has been demonstrated to improve the appearance of cellulite and increase skin thickness by up to 25 percent after just one treatment.* Make an appointment to try Cellulaze today and join the many satisfied patients who've seen real results!

* DiBernardo M.D., Barry E. “Treatment of Cellulite Using a 1440-nm Pulsed Laser With One-Year Follow-Up” Aesthetic Surgery Journal (2011) 31(3): 328–341

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