Which exercises blast cellulite?

Eliminating the appearance of your orange-peel skin might seem like a fantasy, but it can be a reality with the right moves. Celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, whose clients include Madonna and Gywneth Paltrow, recently told Cosmopolitan magazine that with the help of simple strength-training exercises, you can make your muscle fibers more firm over time. 

So, what are these anti-cellulite moves? For those who want to target their glutes, Anderson recommends the butt lift. First, lie on your stomach with your knees just a tad wider than your hips. Then, bend your knees, making sure your heels are touching. Once you're in this position, press your forearms into the floor and lift the top of your chest off the ground. Next, raise your legs a few inches by tightening your glutes. Hold this position for a few seconds before lowering your legs to the ground and repeating the move.

If you truly want to see cellulite-blasting results, celebrity trainer Valerie Waters told Prevention magazine that doing two lower-body strength exercises for every upper-body move will yield the best results. 

"Leg muscles ... generally have more muscle mass than those of your chest and arms," Kyle Hackney, Ph.D. added to the magazine. "Work more muscle during your exercise session, and your body has to expend more energy to repair and upgrade those muscles later."

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Source: Avram, MM "Cellulite: A review of physiology and treatment" Journal of Cosmetic and Laser Therapy 2004; 6:181-185 ----

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