Can you sweat your cellulite away like Krysten Ritter?

TV actress Krysten Ritter showed off a slender figure as she romped on a Mexican beach last weekend in a flirty black-and-red bikini.

The former "Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23" star is usually coy about how she keeps the pounds off and maintains cellulite-free skin, but she has revealed some of her fitness and diet tips and tricks. 

"I'm all about sweating. I take spinning classes at my local YMCA, I read scripts on the treadmill and I love ashtanga yoga," Ritter told Natural Health magazine.

While it might sound weird that Ritter enjoys perspiring, she might be onto something. Doctors have been debating the possible link between sweating and cellulite reduction for some time. According to MindBodyGreen, working up a sweat while you exercise will flush toxins out of your body, thereby preventing them from embedding into fat deposits and adding to the appearance of dimpled skin.

Although many people emphasize sweating - either through working out or relaxing in a sauna - others disagree. Women Fitness stated that cellulite is most likely not caused by toxins beneath your skin, but rather from weak connective tissue. However, the women's website added that whether or not your work up a sweat, exercise is key to combating the appearance cellulite, so take a tip from Ritter and hop into a spinning class at your local gym.

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